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For your parents and relatives - Residence for the elderly in Maxi Sofia

Building 40 at Maxi Club is becoming a luxury residence for the elderly, where the comfortable interior and warm attitude are intertwined to create an especially pleasant atmosphere for its inhabitants.
The project is implemented by "SmartSocialCare", who successfully follow the  simple philosophy that aging is a gift!
Smart Social Care is not merely another home for the elderly, where people fall into a sense of hopelessness.  This is not the last stop before the final departure, but a place where our parents maintain their desire to live a fuller life, strive to be active, train their memory, read, communicate and have fun.  Smart Social Care aims to create a community of people who rediscover themselves in old age.
Smart Social Care is a residence for adults with cosy and pleasant living conditions and high quality services in line with the world's leading standards of social care.  The main motivation is to treat the elderly with respect, as they deserve no less respect, attention and love than anyone else. 
The residence will have 24/7 medical staff to assist with long-term, post-operative or post-traumatic treatments.  People will be accommodated in the rooms in pairs, or individually, depending on their preference. 
Smart Social Care gives the elderly the freedom to be whole.
Our parents deserve nothing less than the best!
For more information: info@smartsocialcare.com

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