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Maxi Sequoia

New Luxury Houses for Rent


Maxi Club  continues its tradition with the new residential compound  - MAXI Sequoia.

The new compound is 1.5 km away from IKEA and the Ring Mall, and borders the water cleansing station. The property is distanced from the noise of the busy city, while remaining close to the the city center of the capital, thanks to the especially communicative road infrastructure leading to it through the main ring road. The property offers a breathtaking panoramic view to the Vitosha Mountain and the whole of Sofia during all times of the day.


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The new residential compound Maxi Sequoia in Sofia consists of 20 individual family houses, spread across 25 000 sq. m. Each house has a built-up area of 653 sq. m.

The fully landscaped gardens around the houses vary between 715 sq. m. and 1400 sq. m. and have built in irrigation systems, similarly to the common areas at the complex. 

Each house has a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, two porches and four bedrooms, each one with its own bathroom, walk-in closet and balcony. For the complete comfort of the residents, the houses in Maxi Sequoia are also equipped with garages for two cars, in addition to two outdoor, half-covered parking spaces. 

The rooftop of each house is a 62 sq. m. terrace with a 360о panoramic view to Vitosha mountain and Sofia, especially suitable for barbeque or sunbathing. 

The complex is further enriched by a multifunctional sports area, rose garden and other forms of entertainment on an area of 5000 sq. m.

Security is guaranteed by controlled access and live security, while a large variety of plants and clean fresh air guarantee the residents' complete peace of mind. 

Maxi Club Sequoia combines a number of unique factors, creating the dream home.


Prices are without VAT

House № sq.m. Monthly rent €
1 652.94 Rented
2 652.94 Rented
3 652.94 Rented
4 652.94 Rented
5 652.94 Rented
6 652.94 Rented
7 652.94 Rented
8 652.94 Rented
9 652.94 Rented
10 652.94 Rented
11 652.94 Rented
12 652.94 Rented
13 652.94 Rented
14 652.94 Rented
15 652.94 Rented
16 652.94 Rented
17 652.94 Rented
18 652.94 Rented
19 652.94 Rented
20 652.94 Rented


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For more information, please contact us on:

64 Hotnishki vodopad str., Malinova Dolina part 26

Tel.: +359888454410
e-mail: properties@maxiclub.bg

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