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The Meaning of the Word "Landlord"

The real estate market in Sofia currently presents thousands of apartments for rent. Some of the offers are misleading, or completely false, while in others the quality of the apartments does not correspond to the given price. The reason behind all of the above is simple – high profit at all cost.

If we go back to the times before Covid-19 and the accompanying crisis, we could observe unreasonably high rental prices, which are not justified by the quality and services offered for the apartments and houses.

The crisis is a mere catalyst to one of the main issues in the real estate sector in Bulgaria – the intentional fake increasing of prices.

When the quality of the property is poor and its price implies a higher standard, at time of an economic shock, it must be lowered to its actual value as much as possible, otherwise its potential lease is doomed to failure.

The rental prices of the apartments at Maxi Sofia compound are an exception of the above-mentioned practices, regardless of the recession. The company's pricing policy has been tested over time while building its reputation, providing qualitаtive services and dedicated personal approach.

The service of accommodation does not end with the signing of a contract. For our team, each tenant is special – we give personal attention to everyone, we respect people’s time and we facilitate and ease the accommodation process as much as possible.

At Maxi Club, we enjoy the presence of various cultures and nationalities, and this valuable experience has taught us and how important it is that every family feels comfortable and cozy when coming to a new and unfamiliar place.

Our team takes care of the communication with all external companies and government institutions for every tenant. This saves the residents, and especially foreigners, the associated time, effort and difficulties. Thus, we make a full circle of the range of services from the accommodation to the entire everyday life in our Maxi family.

Unlike most gated residential compounds, Maxi covers monthly maintenance for all of its tenants. This includes the cleaning, snow-cleaning and maintenance of common areas, surrounding the buildings and the main roads, maintenance of the rich vegetation, security and video surveillance as well as daily technical support in the apartments.

For Maxi team, this embodies the importance of a good landlord. 

Uppermost, the company pays special attention to the community that has evolved at the compound, where personal attitude should always come first.

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