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Why is Maxi Sofia More Than an Ordinary Residential Compound?

The dynamics of the busy cities in the recent years is increasingly encouraging both young and elder people to seek a new home in quieter places – usually offered by closed residential compounds. Life is more convenient and safer there, compared to the larger neighborhoods of Sofia.

In addition, such places foster a feeling of belonging and balanced life, while still being in the city itself and close to the amenities it offers.

A great number of real estate companies have focused on creating such areas, but few can offer the essence of what is mostly desired. Constructing a separate urban area should not rely simply on constructing buildings in a confined area.

What is missing in most residential compounds?

When a real estate company builds a residential compound, often the thought for the common well-being is missing, which leads to social differences between the inhabitants, thus losing the core principal behind this concept of living – the personal touch, the human factor, good level of communication and solidarity.

The owners’ effort to create balance within the society is usually missing as well – a community living in harmony and understanding; with common interests and topics of conversation; enjoying each other’s company as neighbors, while feeling calm and secure at the place they call home.

Unlike other closed residential areas in the capital of Bulgaria, we at Maxi Club strive to create a cohesive society. We have shaped homes for people with similar interests and lifestyles, which eventually promotes the beginning of new relationships – both personal and business ones.


Our goal is not merely to sell, or rent an apartment. We seek more than that. We have to be patient, to have a lot of integrity and desire to achieve this goal and to create more meaningful relationships between people. The significant attention we pay to our tenants is something that makes our service different from others.

The result from our desire and goals is a compound with no equivalent and high quality of accommodation.

“Home is where the soul breathes, the mind is free and the body finds its right place” – this idea lays in the foundation of Maxi Club since 1999 when we made the groundbreaking of the modern residential compound.

Apart from the great attention we pay to the social aspect of life among our tenants, we also take care of our residents’ comfort, in order to deliver smooth relocation process and hospitality and to guarantee peaceful daily life.

The area around the buildings at Green City has countless plants, available park areas and wide inter-block spaces. Thanks to the great variety of plants, the air is clean and the walks are pleasant. Within the ideology of Maxi Club lies the idea that the buildings and people living at Green City need to have enough space among each other to be able to “breathe” and move freely.

For even more comfort for our residents, the compound also hosts the biggest private international school and kindergarten “Victor Hugo”; a pharmacy; a bakery and many other useful retail stores.

Do not hesitate – find your new quiet, distinct and comfortable home with us.

Check our offers here; call us on +359 882 806 073 or write us an e-mail at: properties@maxiclub.bg.

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